5 Examples of Why You Shouldn’t Ask Me What I’m Thinking About

I have what I lovingly refer to as an overactive mind. I’ve been searching for an “off” button for years, but have yet to locate it. For example, prior to starting my blog, I was so excited that I couldn’t sleep. I tried to focus on something relaxing, like a feather falling down from the roof of a building (I needed the feather to have a long trip). Unfortunately, my mind took that and ran with it. What started out with watching a feather float to the ground turned into, “Wasn’t there a study done about what falls fastest, a bowling ball or a feather? Hmm. I’m sure the answer was the feather, but right now I’m really feeling the bowling ball won the race…” All I can say is that was a very long night.

Here are my top five favorite random thoughts that crossed my mind this past week. If I was to explain how I got to the point of the pondering the question, I’d lose you and exhaust you all at the same time. Just ask my husband; he still asks me what I’m thinking, and how I got there. When I’m done explaining, I can tell he’s thinking to himself, “What the hell did I just listen to?”

  1. Can I find a job where I sit outside a coffee shop and talk shit about people all day? (Note to self: this may be a blog idea for the future, if only for my own entertainment. Enlist friends with a similar wicked sense of humor to guest post. Friends: YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. LET’S DO THIS.)
  2. Do we say “it’s not the destination that matters; it’s the journey” because as kids we thought being an adult was the destination, and now we know adulthood sucks, so we refuse to believe this is really where we wanted to be?
  3. How much of what we do and how we treat others is motivated by our fear of rejection? (Let’s not be surprised if this one is revisited when I try to go to sleep later.)
  4. I wonder if employers realize the reason they no longer have to “pull someone in” for emailing offensive material isn’t because of their harassment training, but instead is because now everyone is friends on FB and shares it in a more public way. (Note to employers: sometimes your training doesn’t teach people how not to harass, so much as it teaches them to learn who they can harass. Or maybe that’s what I learned from it… Hmm.)
  5. Does anyone remember when “RT” didn’t stand for re-tweet, but instead stood for rock tit? Hmm. I think I may be on my own with this one.


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