Finding Your Tribe

I spend my Saturday mornings in group therapy. There is something to be said about surrounding yourself with people that understand where you’ve been and don’t expect anything from you. They don’t expect a brave face and a stiff upper lip. They envelope you in love and light when they can see you’ve exposed the rawest part of your being. You grieve together, and cry together. You support each other, and celebrate wins and milestones. For one hour, you are connected to something bigger than yourself.

At the expense of labeling myself as old fashioned, as time goes on and as we become more dependent on technology, I feel as though we become increasingly divided. We forget what it means to look into someone’s eyes and truly listen and connect. We lose our ability to say, “I see you, I hear you, I feel you.” We feel more alone and begin to believe we are the only ones’ suffering.

Clearly, that’s an absolute lie.

We aren’t alone. We are surrounded by people that are more like us than not. We just have to open our eyes and look.

I call this, “finding your people.” My people enjoy inappropriate humor, and laughing so hard we’re wheezing. My people see the beauty in a carefully organized bookshelf, and panic when confronted with abstract artwork. My people enjoy coming together with new and old friends, and laughing at one another’s expense. My people understand my neurosis and might even share a few of them. These are my people.

I suggest finding your people, if only to breathe fresh air into your life. Reach out, be brave, be vulnerable, and see that you are in fact, surrounded by friends. You are surrounded by your people.

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