Fun Fact #510: My Dentist is Better Than Yours

We all know I’m a huge fan of self-care (it does have its own category on the blog). What most people don’t know, is that self-care is more than just spa treatments and meditation. It’s also taking care of your basic needs and taking care of your body. This means seeing the doctor when you’re sick, and seeing your dentist twice a year. For me this was a no-brainer, but I understand that for some it isn’t that easy.

I had a rough experience with a dentist when I was a kid (I was given WAY too much gas), and I’m thankful that it didn’t ruin me from ever going to the dentist again. If anything, it made me significantly pickier when choosing who I would see as an adult. My husband and I were seeing a dentist in the town we live in, and I found us a new office to visit simply because I didn’t like the way the other dentist ran his front office. I’m that picky. So, what makes this new office so awesome?

  1. My dentist has a sense of humor. I’ve been known to break a tooth (or two) on popcorn kernels and Corn Nuts. My dentist not only names my broken teeth (Wu Tang Clan was the last one I broke), but he also has also offered to make my crowns gold with diamonds. If you can make me laugh while holding a large syringe with numbing solution, I’m all about it.
  2. My dentist is compassionate. We joke with my dentist that my husband’s teeth are what is paying for his new office furniture. He’s had more crowns than anyone I know, and when the dentist has had to put my husband through the wringer in an effort to get the dental work done, he always checks in. He understands the amount of pain he put my husband through, and he wants to make sure there weren’t any complications after he left the office.
  3. My dentist is willing to redo work he isn’t happy with. Regardless of the profession, admitting you’re not happy with the work you’ve done isn’t the easiest. My dentist is able to admit he isn’t a fan, and he redoes it. This makes me respect him as a dentist that much more, simply because I know he wants to make things right no matter what.
  4. The office feels like family. Going to the dentist isn’t really high on anyone’s list of things they like to do, but I honestly look forward to the cleanings (and even the emergency work). The staff works to put their clients at ease, and does a really good job of it. Plus, their front office runs like a charm, so I can’t complain there at all.
  5. My dentist has noticed when I’ve dyed hair. Yeah, it caught me off guard, but as it was explained to me by his staff, “He works with women all day. We’ve trained him well.”

So, why did I list all the ways my dentist is awesome (this totally reads like an ad for his office, doesn’t it)? Well, first off, it’s because it’s true. More importantly though, I wanted to illustrate that you too can find an office that can make it that much easier for you to tend to the most basic of self-care needs. Yes, there are dentists out there that fill the stereotype of the reasons why everyone avoids the dentist. But there are diamonds out there, and if you’re lucky, they’ll offer to put the diamonds in your teeth too.

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