Creating Your Own Definition of Success

Have you ever wanted to try something new, and hoped you’d be really good at it from the get-go? You started this new adventure, and while you thought you were doing really well, you also hoped someone would tell you how great you were doing, and how you should keep on going? Did you wait for someone to tell you this new adventure is a success, or did you decide for yourself when you were successful?

How do you determine if you’re successful? Is it when you’re making six figures? Is it when you’ve paid off all your consumer debt, and can vacation as you please? Or is it when you wake up knowing you’re doing a job you love, instead of doing a job you loath?

By and large, it would appear that success is defined more by the things we have, than anything else.

Big house? Check.

Boat for the lake? Check.

Luxury car? Check.

All these things equal success, right?

Or does it?

What if you don’t have a big house, or a boat, and drive a modest mid-size car? Are you still successful?

Are you still successful if, instead of having employees working for you, you are down in the trenches working with them?

Are you still successful if, instead of going to Hawaii multiple times a year, you and your family vacation at a KOA near your favorite lake?

Are you still successful if, instead of making a six-figure income, you’re making enough to provide for your family, and you’re in a career that is significantly more fulfilling than a job that would pay you twice as more?

What if instead of keeping up with the Jones’s we take stock of what is important to us and keep up with that?

What if we aligned our priorities with what matters to us, instead of trying to keep up appearances?

What if we dropped the façade, and lived an authentic life?

What if we worried less about what others thought, and instead focused on what we thought about ourselves?

Creating our own definition of success is a lesson in bravery. It forces us to measure ourselves against no one but ourselves. It is allowing yourself the space to be honest about what you want to achieve, and what is important to you.

What do you think about how you spend your days?

What do you think about where you are in your life?

What gives you the motivation to continue to reach out and try new things, even if others may think you’re crazy?

What is holding you back?

Be brave, my friend. It is never too late to take stock of where you are at and compare it against where you want to be, and make the necessary changes to get on your right track.

Remember, it is important to create your own definition of success before someone defines it for you.


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