Dear Toddler (aka Ruler of My Sanity),

Man, we had a good thing going! You were a strong sleeper, you listened and followed directions, and you loved running around. Suddenly, though, I’m starting to feel as if I missed the memo where you told me you were no longer interested in doing those things. Perhaps you decided life was too boring? Maybe you felt like you were being repressed, and figured you’d embrace the adage of “misery loves company?”

I’m all for pushing boundaries, and figuring out what works for you as an individual, but something has got to give. And by “give,” I don’t mean me losing my mind. Who knew that parenting was such a battle of wills? Unfortunately, I find that I have less and less of a desire to put up with the bullshit. If I was dealing with an adult, I’d be able to give the situation the finger and walk away. Clearly, that battle strategy would work with adults, as they can most often figure it out for themselves. Sadly, this is a poor strategy with children. I find myself repeating that you’re only two, and that this isn’t personal; it is growth. More often than not, the reminder doesn’t stop my tears flowing. I’m trying, I really am.

Your father and I often laugh at what we consider “toddler logic.” We know that at this age, logic is nowhere near a consideration. Because of that, we find humor where we can. When you put a bucket on your head to hide, or when you stand behind the curtains without realizing your feet are clearly showing. When you’ve decided to pretend you can’t hear me, and I catch your smirk in the mirror. Or, in those moments where in the span of two seconds you tell me you want your shoes off, only to lose your mind when I take them off, screaming that you wanted them on! Toddler logic…

I know this is a phase, and that in a year from now I’ll hardly remember how hard it seems things are right now. However, right now, mommy needs a drink.

I love you, baby girl.

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