Hey you! Come sit down with me for a minute and let’s chat. I think there is something you need to hear.

I have some good news and I have some bad news.

The bad news is that you cannot fix everything. No matter how hard you try to make any given situation better, it just won’t happen. The adage “you can do anything if you try hard enough,” is pretty much just a bunch of BS.

The good news is that you cannot fix everything.

Wait a second…

I know what you’re thinking: not being able to fix everything strongly belongs in the bad news column. The reality is, that it belongs in both.

You’ve spent so much of your time doing whatever you can to help make things better, but I know you’ve realized that it was all futile. You cannot help those that don’t want to be helped. You cannot teach those to listen that don’t want to learn. You cannot help those to understand when instead they just want to hide.

So, you’re going to set some boundaries. You’ve already started to do this in other facets of your life, but this last one is the hardest. This last area is where life as you know it began. This is where your heart will break.

People don’t usually like boundaries when they’ve never had them before. You will be the bad person. You will be the mean person that doesn’t like anyone. You will be impatient, judgmental, and distant. It will be your fault.

Then again, it has always been your fault, so you’re used to that old trope.

Your boundaries won’t be seen for what they truly are: protection. Protection from deeper heart break. Protection of what positive memories you have. Protection of the child within your heart.

So, while it is bad news that you can’t be The Fixer for everything, the good news is that not being The Fixer can also set you free.

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